About the author:
Daniel is co-founder and CTO at Aqarios GmbH. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from LMU Munich, and has published papers in reinforcement learning and quantum computing. He writes about technical topics in quantum computing and startups.
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# My Companies

I've been dabbling in business for a while now. Here's a list of businesses that actually made revenue.

  • overpassage.com - A one-man consultancy for teaching/workshops (AI, QC, web3), R&D for hire and deep tech blogging for hire. On hold now, not taking any new customers.
  • alphalerts.com - Founder. SMS/E-Mail/App alerts for financial events (currently focusing on US options), e.g. alerting when option greeks (or special ones such as Equity Put/Call Ratio) reach custom thresholds. Got acquired.
  • Aqarios GmbH - Co-Founder and CTO. We're building a quantum computing platform for solving optimization problems. Large angel round, scaled to 20+ people.

If you are interested, check them out! I am also looking to hire a technical person that helps me build these things and wants to work closely with me as the CTO (whodis@instancedev.com).

If you have startup ideas or want to invest, contact me as well.