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Isoenergetic Cluster Move explained

10/04/21 QC

Where is the quantum advantage?

09/22/21 QC

List of (quantum computing) algorithms for optimization and QUBOs

09/19/21 QC

Solving QUBOs with qiskit QAOA example

09/15/21 QC

ALIFE paper released

07/29/21 RL

QUBO NN - Redundancy in QUBOs and finding different representations by making qbsolv differentiable

07/12/21 QC ML

The Case for Alphalerts

07/10/21 FIN BIZ

List of QUBO formulations

06/10/21 QC PHY

Quantum Annealing Hamiltonian Example Calculation

05/14/21 QC PHY

A note on Adiabatic Evolution in Quantum Annealing

05/14/21 QC PHY

Multiplying large numbers with Neural Networks

05/10/21 ML

[External] NQI - One Of Many DOCSIS Health Indicators For Cable Modems In HFC Networks

04/26/21 TELCO

[External] Clustering downstream SNR time series for better visualization

04/16/21 TELCO ML

QUBO NN - Reverse Engineering QUBO matrices

04/04/21 QC ML

[External] Detecting channels from FBC spectrum data using ML

03/30/21 ML TELCO

Learning with Errors Problem Example in Post Quantum Cryptography

03/21/21 CS

I accidentally tried to train 1 Quadrillion parameters (and a story of structural bias)

03/16/21 ML

Oblivious Transfer Example With Physically Unclonable Function (PUF)

03/13/21 CS

QUBOs for TSP and Maximum-3SAT

02/24/21 QC

[External] Proactive Network Maintenance - Pre-equalization Grouping

02/23/21 TELCO

PPO - a Note on Policy Entropy in Continuous Action Spaces

02/19/21 RL

Burry is sharing Heavy Metal again - his TSLA short must be bleeding

02/09/21 FIN

Data Preparation is Everything - Parsing The German Commercial Register (Handelsregister)

02/07/21 ML FIN

Hadamard Gate Transformation for 3 or more QuBits

02/02/21 QC

Parsing the USP search path BNF using pyparsing

01/29/21 TELCO CS

Flap List - Cable Modems with intermittent connectivity problems

01/15/21 TELCO

Emergent Behaviour in Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning - Independent PPO

01/01/21 RL

Zoho Mail API example in Python Flask


box2d - making b2Body clonable or copyable

11/07/20 CS


10/29/20 P

Failure of k-fold cross validation - The parity problem

09/30/20 ML

Kernels - Additional Intuition

09/27/20 ML

Advanced Torch C++ Tutorial (multiple objectives) - Code Snippets

08/12/20 CS

Conflicting Samples and More Exploration

08/10/20 ML RL

PreDeCon - Density based Projected Subspace Clustering

08/02/20 ML

SUBCLU by example

08/01/20 ML

Subspace and Correlation Clustering

07/15/20 ML

Real-time Dynamic Programming (RTDP) applied to Frozen Lake

06/27/20 RL

pb_c_init and pb_c_base

06/27/20 RL

You should do screenshots of your Desktop from time to time

05/24/20 P

Resolution and Indexing

03/31/20 CS

Is this the catalyst?

03/11/20 FIN

What is the gist of LOLA?

03/09/20 RL

Policy Gradient Baseline - The Intuition

03/08/20 RL

MiFID II - Contact your broker

01/18/20 FIN

FFT of a line is another line

01/17/20 CS

The product rule in RNNs

01/14/20 ML

Dissecting the wave algorithm for detecting FBC downstream impairments

12/13/19 TELCO CS

Algorithmic Design for pattern matching in 2-dimensional data

12/05/19 CS

FBC Filter Algorithm

11/28/19 TELCO CS

A note on DBSCAN for 2-dimensional data

11/21/19 ML

There is no recession coming

09/26/19 FIN

Meta Tasks

04/16/19 P

The Elephant In The Brain


PCA by example with exercices and solutions

03/26/19 ML

Twitter Snowflake Format