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# Burry is sharing Heavy Metal again - his TSLA short must be bleeding

This is so hilarious I just gotta save this for the books. Michael Burry, the famous main character from The Big Short who predicted the housing market crash and made a nice 100M for himself (total net worth back then 300M), is short on TSLA. And he has started sharing heavy metal on his Twitter, which is interesting - this is portrayed in the movie as something he uses to get rid of the stress of BLEEDING CASH EVERY MONTH lol. The position must be pretty hard on his nerves. On the other hand, he just made some very good cash on his GME play.

For the record, I totally agree with him. There are quite a few indicators that the market is devolving into a bubble. Wallstreetbets for instance has gained over 6M subscribers over the GME fiasco (which I missed, but I made some money shorting it). It had 2M subscribers before, and has 8.8M now. I have personally heard of some laymen in my circle of friends that they are becoming interested in the stock market. So yea, interesting times. And then there is Bitcoin and TSLA..

So let's see how 2021 plays out. I now know that my post There is no recession coming was technically right. We basically did not have a recession in 2020, that was like a small shake-out! So maybe I will look back at this post some time in the future and agree with my past self.

While writing this post I was listening to the Heavy Metal Michael Burry shared - my god that is some good shit. I might just take a dive into that genre off of his recommendation.

Here you go: link

Update: Just found a satirical comment I posted literally at the bottom of the crash in March 2020. Everyone on WSB was balls deep in puts. Fucking hilarious.

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