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Daniel is CTO at rhome GmbH, and Co-Founder at Aqarios GmbH. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from LMU Munich, and has published papers in reinforcement learning and quantum computing. He writes about technical topics in quantum computing and startups.
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# Flutterflow Firebase ElasticSearch - the new lowcode Trifecta for non-technical founders

I have always had kind of mixed feelings about nocode/lowcode. This just changed yesterday. I've been introduced to Flutterflow - and wow. It combines the ease of creating a nocode app with the flexibility and extensibility of code, since it allows exporting your app as Flutter code. It supports integrating the usual suspects (for example Firebase or ElasticSearch), has very extensible 'custom functions' and a flexible query API for connecting and using all kinds of APIs.

I am not getting paid for this. But from on, if I get asked what one should do without having a technical cofounder, I will refer them to Flutterflow. However, I can still see a case for Flutterflow consulting (same as the consulting ecosystem that has come up around webflow) for more advanced use cases. Take Machine Learning for Flutterflow for instance. Let's say you'd like to create an app that in addition includes a few personalized product or content recommendations - perfect case to hire a small-time Flutterflow consultant. Comes up super cheap, you built the app, and the last 20% you leave to a consultant. Since I hear all the time the struggles to find good hands-on technical cofounders, this I could see as the wide-spread future of MVPs.

From the business perspective I also like their "Flutterflow Advocate" role they're currently hiring for. Similarly to webflow they're likely going for the consultancy ecosystem, which I think is a good idea. Let's see whether they're able to capture this heavily contested market.

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