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Daniel is CTO at rhome GmbH, and Co-Founder at Aqarios GmbH. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from LMU Munich, and has published papers in reinforcement learning and quantum computing. He writes about technical topics in quantum computing and startups.
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# Meta Tasks

It's funny, I've started doing some kind of 'meta' tasks: If I recognize that I'm procrastinating on a task, I write down: 'Find subtask for $bigtask' And then some time later I come up with a subtask and write it down: 'Do $subtask' And that's it, after a while I do the subtask (since it's usually small) and effectively get started on the bigger task. And when you've started, you've already done the grunt work of defeating procrastination.

It's important to put in thought while creating todo points. If you invest 5 minutes in thinking about what subtasks you write down, it'll potentially save you hours in the long run.

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